February 17, 2014

With the third and last round of the International of Italy AXO has conquered the Elite title, thanks to Tony Cairoli.

But it’s not been a lucky day for the AXO rider: after posting the fastest lap-time in the qualifying session, Tony has been hit by the bike of another rider in the first turn of the MX1 race, as a consequence of which he was forced to retire. Immediate medical examinations have revealed a heavy cruise on his left shinbone, slightly over his left foot. No further damaged have been diagnosed, but Tony will undergo deeper controls next week.

Notwithstanding the pain, Tony did want to race the Elite class, which he had already won: he didn’t want to let his fans down and he gave it all to grant the show. He started form the very outside, but managed to pass lots of riders and he finished the race in fourth.

Antonio Cairoli: “It’s a shame I had that problem in the first outing of the day: I really wanted o win the MX1 class, after having inning in Riola and Noto. But it’s racing: I think it was Frossard to run wide and come into me, but he did it unintentionally. I felt like a heavy blow on my boot and I was immediately in a lot of pain, so much that I had to stop. It seemed I had nothing broken, so I decided to be try to race the Elite. After the first cautious laps, I gained confidence and I must admit I also had fun to ride on a nice track like Montevarchi. At the end of the race I again felt a lot of pain, but I hope it’s nothing serious!”.

Coming next: the first round of the MX World Championship to be hled at Doha, Qatar…stay tuned!

Photo by: Davide Messora