June 16, 2014

On the iconic track of Maggiora, scenery of the tenth round of the Motocross World Championship, Tony Cairoli has given AXO and his enthusiastic crowd a fantastic GP win, courtesy of two moto wins.

The weekend of the seven time World Champion started with a second position in Saturday’s qualifying race and went in to a superb double victory on Sunday on his KTM SX350F. The Red Bull Factory Racing Team rider scored two hole-shots and never left the head of both races until the checkered flag. The end of the weekend was really emotional for Tony that was celebrating the success in front of the Italian fans. Cairoli now leads the standings with 38 points advantage on rival Desalle (Suzuki).

Tony Cairoli: “I’m very happy of this win taken here in Maggiora. I really wanted to win here, on this track full of history, but it’s not been easy. It was not easy to pass on this track, but fortunately I took two perfect start and it turned out I didn’t need it! The crowd has just been perfect, so warm and encouraging, so they deserved this win. In the last GPs I didn’t feel good mentally, I was not concentrated as usual, but we have been working hard with the Team and I was sure I could get this result.

Good performance from team mate Ken De Dycker, too, who is regaining confidence after the pre-season injury. Keeno the Giant has been stopped by a problem at the rear brake in Race 1, but posted a well deserved seventh place in Race 2.

Fifteenth spot in the MX2 overall for Spaniard Josè Butron, who had to come back from last spot after a spectacular crash off track in the early stages of Race 1.