August 7, 2017


On one of the toughest tracks of the world the Suzuki World MXGP had this weekend one of the toughest races of the year. Both the riders, Kevin Strijbos and Arminas Jasikonis wearing the brand new set of Prisma gear, went on track on Saturdays qualifying race with the aim of make it well. The new collection, top of the AXO Motocross range, has a new endearing design and some high technology solutions that like the unique collar design, the high tenacity materials and new redesigned pattern that improve the fitting. Kevin had not the perfect jump out of the gate but managed to come back fast and well, ending in tenth position, while Arminas had a very good start and made a fantastic race, ended in third position on a flooded track, due to the heavy rain filled down before the timed practice session. In race one Strijbos made his best to recover some position after a difficult start but it was Arminas who impressed more, turning dead last at the first corner and coming back to the 16th. place at the end of the first lap. The Belgian was able to end in 13th place and the Lithuanian in 11th. pushing till the last lap. At the second start the two Suzuki riders, wearing the white, orange, yellow Prisma gear where looking tremendously good and went out of the gates very well, with AJ pushing hard to take the third place and "the Kid" who went down in the first lap of the race. Unfortunately "Shorty" had to face a huge crash and injured his ribs, been forced to retire. Kevin did his best to recover a lot of positions, ending in a solid 11th. final place. Next race in 7 days on the Swiss venue of Frauenfeld.

22 KEVIN STRIJBOS 13th. 11th.

“It wasn’t a great day. I made some changes yesterday and unfortunately they didn’t work out. I put a different sprocket on for the first moto and riding with that setup just didn’t go well. It’s my own fault, I wanted to try it but it didn’t work how I wanted it to. In the second moto we switched back to yesterday’s settings and it went a bit better. I got a decent gate drop in the second race but then crashed early on in the first lap and had to come through the field. My riding was a lot better though, not quite the level of the top three, but I felt good. I could see Max Anstie crossing me at different points in the track and we were keeping in around the same places and he finished in third. 11th is really all I could manage after that crash. I expected more but it didn’t quite turn out that way. Winning last year was exceptional but it isn’t easy to do it. It’s a shame that AJ had hurt his ribs too because I think he could have had a real chance at doing well here and perhaps repeating what I did in 2016, but we can’t change it now and just have to move forward to the next race.”


“Unfortunately with my rib injury I wasn’t able to ride at 100% this weekend. It is a real shame as I was looking forward to riding this round and believed I could do well here. In the second moto when I moved through into third, I think I showed the speed I have here and how I can ride in the sand. The first moto didn’t go well with the first turn crash but I still came through to 11th. And then in race two after getting in third place and passing all those top riders on my RM-Z450WS, I had the crash that caused me to feel a bit dizzy. Combined with the pain in my ribs, I decided it was better to pull out and try and get myself as healthy as possible for next weekend.”


"It was a tough week end on a really rough track. Saturday I was riding well in top 15 wen I had to gave up after a crash, so I had the last gate for Sunday's races. Anyway I've managed to come out of the gate well in 11th. place in race one and I was doing very good till the last lap, when I run out of fuel. In the second moto my start was decent, I turned in the top 20 t the first corner and then I've battled trough the pack till the end for a satisfying 16th final place. Now we focus on the next race in Swiss, on a unknown track for me."


The European series reserved to the small 150cc four stroke Honda had the third round in Belgium, on the sandy track of Lommel. For the kids coming from allover the world it was a tough experience riding in such a demanding track and with very difficult condition, specially on Saturday's first moto, when the track was wet and the sand heavy. The leader of the series, Andrea Adamo, had a DNF on race one, while he was leading and won the second race on Sunday, keeping the battle for the title open. The new red plate is A. Nordstrom Graaf, that won the first moto and finished third the second after a dramatic duel with Luis Outeiro, now second of the class, two points behind the Swedish rider and four in front of the Italian.  


“It feels awesome to win the overall. I am big for the bike, but that helped me in these deep conditions. This track is really difficult, but I was really fast in the corners. It was unbelievable.”

photo credits: Davide Messora