MXGP of Latvia

May 2, 2016

The beautiful track of Kegums circuit hosted the 6° round of the MXGP.
During the weekend a crammed time table imposed the rhythm of the races.
Our riders have been involved in the World MX Championship, EMX125, EMX250, EMX300.

Antonio Cairoli
Excellent race. Once again, the eight times World Champion demonstrates his huge talent in leading the game, and he gained two good positions which permit to deserve an important podium and relevant points for his rise in the overall Championship.
In Race # 1 he gets the Holeshot. He finishes third, behind Gajser and Nagl.
Second placement in Race # 2. After leading more than half race in front of all his opponents, during the final laps he has been overtaken by the defending champion Febvre.  Second in the overall.
According to the day on the podium. We will see him winning again, for sure it will happen soon.

Glenn Coldenhoff
Glenn held up in the “traffic-jam“ at the first corner in Race #1. He pass through 17° position during the first lap and, thanks to his tenacity, he manage to recover up to 10° position.
Race # 2 He has been almost forced to stop by the fall of another rider. He climbs up by from the latest positions to a 15 ° placement.

KTM De Carli Racing - EMX125
Gianluca Facchetti
In the first race, held on Saturday, he makes a good start but he falls twice, perhaps he has been overpowered by the thrill of being back on the stage of an international race. 34° position for him.
A beautiful recovery race, during the sunday round during which he became the leading actor of a dogged series of overtaken that allow him to rise from the 15° till the 6° position.

Damon Graulus 
In the first manche he rides in the middle of the rank. During the second one he performs a come back, after a difficult start.
Henry Jacobi
Race #1- Unfortunately it seems he run up against a technical problem, due too a contact with another rider and he has been obliged to retire.
Race #2 - After a good start, he suffered the attacks from the opponents and finishes 16°.

Nick Kouwenberg - Team Honda JTech
He race and runs out both manche achieving a good result. 8° and 6° in this weekend.

Filippo Zonta - Team Honda JTech
A tough weekend for the young rider. It looks like that he has not found yet the perfect condition after his injury, occurred the week before Valkenswaard.

Nicholas Adams - Team Honda JTech
Both races forced him with a difficult comeback from the sidelines.

Thomas Marini - Team Solarys Racing Husqvarna
Excellent first Race on Saturday. He gained an excellent 5° place. What a shame for his second round: a slip relegates him in 13° position in spite of the great start he made.


photo credits Paola Calonghi / Davide Messora