May 2, 2018


The sixth round of the 2018 MXGP was hosted on the track of Orlyonok, 120 kilometers south of the city of Krasnodar, overlooking the enchanting scenery of the Black Sea, the perfect backdrop for spectacular and close racing. The riders of the Honda Red Moto Assomotor Team, arrived in Russia decided very well, continuing to show progress. On the Russian hard soil, with a decidedly spring temperatures and an already strong sun, Arminas Jasikonis hit a tenth overall that places it among the top ten drivers in the most competitive championship of recent years. For the Lithuanian was an encouraging result just before the next race that will be the Latvian Grand Prix, in 10 days. Well even Petar Petrov, who despite being forced to retire in the second race due to technical issues, reported to be on track to appear in the top 15. In the EMX250 Alberto Forato was back in the positions that was use to be. The Italian ended the race just close to the podium, having a great second moto that gives to him the fourth overall. Mathys Boisrame had a more difficult race, which ends in ninth overall a difficult week, in which he was hit by bad luck.


It was an up and down weekend for me here in Russia. Yesterday practices were good, but then a stone broke my front brake in the qualification race. That meant I had to start from the very outside in the main races because I had a last gate pick. I came through well in the first moto though, with some good laptimes and I was happy with my speed. In the second race though, I was struggling really bad. I couldn’t get around one rider, which totally broke my rhythm and meant that I was too tried to push on when I eventually did get past him. I ended with a 10th and a 13th which overall was okay but I definitely still need to make some steps.

#152 PETAR PETROV (17-24)

It was a quite a positive Grand Prix for us, I felt good on this track and in race one even if I had a really bad start, in last position, I managed to come back to 15th place. Then Nagl, that was a bit faster than me passed me and Anstie also, so I finished 17th. I was not happy with the result but satisfied for my riding. In the second moto I started last again because the gate bounded, I felt that my riding was not bad at all and that the gap between me and the guys in front is reducing a lot. Unfortunately 2/3 laps to go I had to stop for a technical issue. I can’t wait not to go to Latvia where it can be good.


It has been not a really positive race for me, I’ve made a lots of mistakes, crashing too much. In both moto I had some contacts at the start and I was forced to push as mach as I could to come back and it wasn’t easy on a soil like this. Yesterday I scored a 8th place after I started dead last and a second crash while I was coming back. Today I’ve touched again the ground at the start and a stone broke my googles, so I couldn’t see nothing and I couldn’t do nothing better that the 13th place.


The Russian race was quite positive for me, now after solving the issues that affected me since the beginning of the season, I’m coming back, being the Alberto I like to be. In the first race yesterday I had a really poor start, then I was riding good and fast and I recovered till the 7th place. In the second race I started better but then at the end of the moto I was struggling with my arms and I decided to take back the fifth place I had, ending 4th overall, witch is really good.


It was a rather complicated Russian Gran Prix for the Team LTR KTM. On the race track of Orlyonok Davy Pootjes has struggled to find the correct feeling with the hard and slippery surface of a particularly insidious and fast layout. To complicate the things there has put on the adversity, when following a contact with an adversary during the manche of qualification, a radiator of the motorbike of the Dutch is damaged, forcing him/it to the withdrawal and consequently beginning from the last gate in the two manches of competition the day later. Anyway Davy brings back home a 12° place overall in non easy conditions. In EMX250 good race of Natanael that conquers 5 points with the sixteenth place of the first moto. Not so well the second heat, dam to the 21° place after a crash with a lapped rider in the last lap.

#46 DAVY POOTJES (11-15)

This time it didn’t go as planned at all as I never felt well on track. In the qualifying race I hit one rider and I broke the radiator and I was forced to stop so then I had to pick the last gate in both races and it was not easy to start well from there. First moto I came back from 16th to 11th witch was ok but I wasn’t riding so good. Second moto I came back from 15 to 11 again but then I crashed and I ended 15th. It was a difficult circuit form me and I struggled all time I went on track. Anyway the physical condition and the training are getting better and now we head to Latvia where I get my first moto podium ever.

#43 BRES NATANAEL (16-21)

I was 25th at the first lap of the first race, then I recovered till the ninth place but then I crashed twice ed I finished sixteenth. In the second race I’ve started around the top 20, I recovered till the 12th place but then at the last lap I had a contact with a lapped rider and I crashed, ending in 20th. Overall I have to say that was a good race, on a cool track that give me confidence for the next one.

photo credits: Lorenzo Resta