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Carletto Caresana

Distinctive marks: just crazy! Well, on the other hand, you don’t become a real freestyler if you don’t have a pinch of madness inside of you!

One of the most funny stories Carlo uses to tell is about his debut on the bike: “My dad, giving me my first bike, told me he would have taken the bike back if I had made something reckless ... well, after two days I crashed right into a wall at full speed! Luckily he did not take the bike away from me: he just told me I had been an idiot!”

Carlo trains at the Caresana Park, at a track especially built for him in his parents’ farm, his favorite movie star is Rocco Siffredi and when he is asked to define his marital status he answers ... "Free State!".

The freestyle, you know, it is not ballet dancing  and Carlo had his part of broken bones performing his favourite sport. Here is the list of his injuries: 3 times left wrist, 3 times right wrist, right femur, right thumb, the lower jaw, 4teeth, left collarbone and several concussions ... enough?



Birth date

May 31, 1985



Racing number



The day he turned 6, when his partents presented him a 50cc LEM




Freestyle contests and exhibitions

Official Website

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