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Max Bianconcini

Member of the famous Da Boot Crew, Massimo Bianconcini is one of the true "Original Gangster" of the Italian motocross Freestyle.

Massimo started to race on the dirt motorbikes at the age of three years old and he had a fantastic career MX/SX before deciding to leave everything behind in 2001 and focus himself on the FMX.

Bianconcini is known for his unbelievable biker dowries, that have contributed to develop a sure and solid style, although he exhibits in very technical competitions.
As other top riders, the real profession of Massimo is that of mechanical dirt bikes, so his life rotates almost entirely around the two wheels.

In his free time he likes to play with the PS3, to be with his girlfriend and family and, as all the Italians, to enjoy "the Sweet Life" in front of a tasty dish of Pasta and a bottle of good wine.

He is pure rock 'n' roll and the public of Rome has gone mad for the national hero when he joined the Flaminio Stadium waving the Italian flag and taking the 10th place ranking in the famous Red Bull X-Fighters.



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sale per la prima volta in moto nel 1984, a 5 anni




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