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I started with motocross racing at the age of 10 years, a bit 'lags behind the average of my "colleagues" then minicross. Thanks to the family business of my dad "gigi" under-biking, motocross, I never missed the age of 4/5 years. But until the time of the first race, I saw her only as a game for the fun of my dad when I was following the races. In fact, with my friends, in turn children of other drivers, we were shooting all day to the paddocks with our moterette trying to take the right cues from our parents, or by the great champions of the time.
But since I made the first race, in 1998, it took a click that has led me to more and more passionate about the sport.
Since then the races are really been many, from minicross, the biggest motorcycle. We have always been a "family" reality, and we proudly competed to levels that perhaps not even expecting scontrandoci us with pilots and leading teams in the most prestigious national championships. Surely one of the most exciting seasons for us, remember 2009, where we won the national title 125, and a good third place in Italian MX1 over21. In 2012, I improved placement in mx1 over21, finishing second for 8-dot.
For us, these, as well as other regional successes, states are results we have earned the "respect" on a national level, and certainly repay the sacrifices made by our family structure, the German racing, and from that circle of people they have always believed in us.
Until you go down the track, we will always do our best !!!!



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