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One night my father brought me in his workshop to show me something. This was a motorcycle made by himself with his own hands, obtained from an old small motor. I was only 4 years old but I do remember that day very clearly. I got in that night and the next day he brought me to ride nearby the banks of the Adige.

The excitement was that huge that I still feel so close to that experience; since then, nothing has been that great and the motorcycle started to be part of my life.

I have been very lucky these years, my family always supported me through joys and sorrows. In my opinion motocross is the best and most complete discipline. The greatest feeling for a beginner is to raise the wheels; basically once you have lived that you are duped as the motorcycle will start being your only reason of life.

2009 has been the perfect season to me. I won the Italian title over 21 on MX1 and also the MX1 Top Rider; that year I had to  struggle with the broken ligament of my knee and winning has been the greatest reward ever.

In 2010 my childhood dream came true; I competed with the greatest champions at the MX1 GP of Italy. This happened again in 2011 at the Arco di Trento GP, my home place, all my friends were there to cheer me up… that was an incredible emotion!

The competitions of the World Championship are very  demanding and I hope to increase my performances in the feature. I will do my best and as everybody says...FULL GAS!



Birth date

April 28, 1987



Birth place

Trento (ITALY)

Racing number



2010 MX Gp Italy


Lorenzo Pedri Team


Italian Championship

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